One Easy Way to Design Your Patio for Social Gatherings

When you hire a designer, one question they will ask you is, “What do you want to use your space for?” Designers ask this question because they know that how we design our space will in the end, shape how we interact with that space.
Most people use their outdoor living spaces for two reasons: to relax alone, or to enjoy the company of others. Being able to provide an interesting experience for both scenarios is easy. Buy a fire table.

The Magic of Fire Tables

Think about the last time you were around a fire. How many people were there? What were you talking about?
The magic of fire tables is that they are an intuitive gathering space. The warmth of the fire invites people to pull up chairs and relax. And something about sitting together around a crackling fire encourages intimacy, which in turn, inspires great conversations. And of course, a little wine doesn’t hurt.
But as you continue designing and cultivating your outdoor space, you want to think about what kind of fire table you want.

Universal Round Table

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 2.11.32 PM
The Universal Round Table by Woodard Furniture has a sleek black design that will match with almost any furniture set. The 30.5” width of the table gives you and your guests enough room for drinks, s’mores or a bowl of pistachios. Pair this fire table with some fire glass, and you’ll have people flocking around it in no time.
Designing your outdoor space for your guests is about making things intuitive. If people see a fire table and some chairs, they’ll know what to do.