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How to Protect Your Furniture in Unpredictable Weather

Let’s face it. Richmond’s weather can be unpredictable. One day it’s sunshine while the next day is an all out downpour. So what happens to your outdoor furniture when it rains? Your furniture may be water resistant, but that doesn’t mean that it’s waterproof. The elements – whether it’s rain, snow, or even sunlight, will […]

The Most Important Design Piece for Your Outdoor Space

The most exciting thing about installing an outdoor space is that you can turn it into anything you want. If you want your backyard to feel like Hawaii, you can. At JoPa, we like to think of outdoor spaces as slices of paradise. So when we think of decorating spaces, we look for elegant, high-quality […]

One Quick and Easy Way to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

In today’s world, we spend the majority of our time indoors, looking at screens, scrolling and clicking. It’s easy to feel stressed and compressed when you’re stuck in a box staring at a screen all day. And with daylight savings, by the time we leave the office, it’s dark. As the saying goes, we can’t […]